COVID-19 Oral History Project (‘the Project’)

COVID-19 Oral History Project (‘the Project’)


A collection of recordings, photographs and writing made by participants concerning everyday life during the COVID-19 outbreak. The main impetus is to create a body of recorded material that will provide a source for the future. It is hoped that participants will gain some benefit from having a channel to record their feelings and reflections during an anxious and unparalleled period.

The focus of the Project will be the collation and storage of the materials generated. The management of the Project lies with the European Ethnological Research Centre.

All participants give their permission for the EERC to use their personal data to enable collation and storage of the materials generated.

The Project will take place in 2 phases. Phase 1 will cover the period of active COVID-19 outbreak. The duration of the outbreak is unknowable at this time. There will be no outputs from the Project during Phase 1. Phase 2 of the Project will entail the participants convening to agree the future aims and outputs of the Project. 


Transfer of recordings and/or photographs

Recordings can be made using your PC. Windows 10 PCs have a ‘Voice Recorder’ app which is easy to use. Once you have made a recording click the three dots on the bottom right of the app and select ‘open file location’ and note where your PC has stored the recording – most likely in your ‘Downloads’ folder. Next go to add the file(s), click ‘Get a Link’ and then the ‘copy link’ and send the link to in an email. 

Recordings made using a mobile phone should be copied to your PC and then uploaded to where you should add the file(s), click ‘Get a Link’ and then the ‘copy link’ and send the link to in an email. I will confirm receipt.


Any problems with any of this, contact


• Colleagues from EERC and C&SS

• Participants in the RESP (East Lothian, D&G and Leis (Lewis) & Harris)


• Any digital recording device, including mobile phones and digital cameras


• Mark Mulhern, EERC


• Recordings will be stored on the digital storage spaces of the EERC at the University of Edinburgh

Ownership of recordings:

• All participant to retain ownership of their recordings

Use of Recordings:

• To be fully decided by the Project participants at a future date - Phase 2

Possible outputs:

• Online publication in blog/website/social media

• No other outputs until the Project participants have had the opportunity consider uses of the recorded material